Advice Before Moving into Your New Home

If you have plans to move into a new home in the near future then you probably have many things to do from packing to scheduling movers. However, one of the best bits of advice is to set time aside and make a floor plan of your new home. Regardless of if you are bringing furniture that you already own or if you are buying additional pieces, planning out the rooms will give you peace of mind while making sure everything fits well.

Take Measurements – A good place to begin is to take measurements of everything that you can. Some listings, especially if they are newer construction, can even have floor plans available that you can utilize which will save you a lot of time. Most floor plans should be fairly accurate, but the scale is not always 100% exact. Be sure to not only measure the size of the rooms, but also the width of doorways and stairwells.

Consider Function – When you map out each room, make sure you keep function and flow in mind. Try to picture the room with several people in it. Then, figure where your furniture should be placed so that it can be functional without interrupting the flow of the room. Sometimes it can be helpful to work with others to get different perspectives and ideas.

Use Online Tools – If there is not already a floor plan and you need to create one, try using a free online service like A system like this is an easy solution for drawing a floor plan and it even offers objects that you can place in rooms to represent your furniture.

Welcome Changes – It is important to understand that as much planning you do for your home online, it is not going to be the same as when you actually move in. Be ready and open to make some changes once your belongings are all moved in. You may even want to live in it for a while to see how the setup can work best.

Planning ahead by creating a floor plan should assist in relieving stress, see what you have and what is needed. This can also very helpful to instruct your movers on where to place your furniture on moving day.

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