5 Tips for Transforming a Small Bathroom

As your real estate resource, the Mendosa-Balboni Team knows the real estate market as well as helpful tips on current home design and trends. We know that one challenge that some have is working with smaller spaces in their homes like a smaller bathroom. If you considering a remodel in the near future for one of your small bathrooms, here are 5 great tips on how to make it appear larger without knocking down walls.

Floating vanity – Looking to save some space under your cabinets? Install a floating vanity that is mounted to the wall. A floating vanity will turn that wasted space into more floor space creating a larger illusion while giving you more room for your feet.

Wall mount faucet – If your sink and counter are already on the small side, you can save a lot of space by moving your faucet to the wall. Moving the faucet to the wall will free up valuable counter space for your other belongings and storage. Visually, this will make the area appear larger.

Wall mounted medicine cabinet – In the interest of keeping your counters clear of too many items, consider mounting a medicine cabinet on the wall for storage. Keep your toiletries and personal items here so they are still easily accessible, but hidden.

Linen storage – If you are lacking on storage space, consider relocating your towels to a hall closet or cabinet nearby. If you wish to keep them in the bathroom, try doing a wall mounted open shelf or utilizing the space under your wall mounted vanity.

Mirrors – Other than being an essential item in the bathroom for getting ready, mirrors always create an illusion of making a smaller space seem larger. Pick a modern and larger mirror for your bathroom for a spacious look. Meshing mirrors with a palette of colors that are lighter will typically make the room appear brighter and more spacious.

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