Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes when Hiring Movers

The Mendosa Balboni Team knows that moving from home to home requires a lot of planning. There is much to do including sorting through your belongings, discarding some items while packing the rest. Even if you can hire the best moving company in existence, there are still some helpful tips on what not to do so that you can have the smoothest of moves. Here is a list to get you started.

Don’t wait til the last minute – Gathering estimates takes time. You will want to get a few to find out what they all offer for services as well as find the best price. If you wait too long you run the risk of being forced to pick one based on availability rather than price.

Don’t be cheap – While you don’t want to pay more than necessary for movers, you do get what you pay for. Quality movers who have trained staff that are licensed and insured do cost more but will always be good for peace of mind. Should there be any issues that arise, they are more likely to address them and make good on the situation.

Don’t forget to ask questions – When you are reviewing companies and gathering estimates, be sure to ask some important questions. Things like are you licensed and insured, what insurance do you offer on my belongings, how is your staff trained, or can you get references are all good things to ask.

Don’t fall for fakes – Just because you found the company online doesn’t mean they are a good quality or reputable. Here are a few red flag signs for fake movers:

  • No federal motor carrier number for interstate moves
  • Mover will not meet you at home to provide written estimate
  • Trucks are unmarked or generic
  • Avoids questions about claim process or insurance

Don’t pay in cash – Most companies will charge you at the time of delivery. For larger, out of state moves, a deposit may be asked of you but is typically small and doesn’t exceed 20% of the total cost. Avoid any company that demands cash payments.

Don’t forget to do your homework – Make sure to do some fact checking on your own about these companies.Be sure to check references, review services offered and investigate the company online. For interstate moves see if they are licensed to do so as well.

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